Veterinary Compounding

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Finicky pets are nothing new. When it comes to medicating any pet, it's easy to understand why offering a flavored alternative dosed to your veterinarian's exact specifications makes medicating your pet a breeze!

Medicating your pet can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be... we can help!!

Texture and Flavor Alterations: We can provide flavored and alternate dosage forms that make it extremely easy to medicate your pet. They will start to love medicine time!

Discontinued/Unavailable Medications: Sometimes readily available medications are discontinued by manufacturers. We can source these pharmaceutical grade chemicals and often provide you a better product that your pet will love!

Unique Devices and Delivery Systems: Sometimes giving an animal a pill or tablet can be difficult. We are able to offer alternative and unique formulations that makes administration easier improving medication compliance. Examples include topical formulas and pet approved flavored oral solutions and suspensions.

Medications in ideal strength, size, and shape: We are able to compound medications into appropriate and specific strengths ideal for each specific animal. This makes dosing economical and easier allowing us to pass savings onto you! The type of dosage forms we can create can be tailored to your pet’s specific preference. We can make medicated treats, sterile eye drops, and topical preparations that will make medicine time much easier!

Combinations: When animals have to take multiple medications, we can often combine them into a single dosage form making medicine time easier and more efficient for owner and pet!