Veterinary Compounding

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At Key Pharmacy, we do not want to compete with veterinarians, but rather offer them a wide range of treatment options for all of their animal patients in their care. We want to work with vets to offer specialized patient-specific medications in dosage forms and strengths that are appropriate for the animal being treated.

For example, it is way easier to medicate any animal if it comes in the form of flavored chews, small capsules, liquid suspensions/solutions, topical or transdermal dosage forms. With our customized compounded medications for veterinarians and veterinary use, there are options for owners and vets to not have to cut up tablets or open capsules of medications in order to divide their contents. Compounding is a more effective, precise, and efficient method of delivering treatments that veterinary patients require.

The list of commercially-available and manufactured medications that animal’s use and require is already smaller than the need for them. Using Key Pharmacy for your veterinary medication compounding gives you and your vet a wider range of prescription options, including:

* Medication in flavors animals love

* Medications in an appropriate dosage form, size and strength for the animal

* Commercially unavailable medications

* Customized delivery systems and modalities..

Key Pharmacy’s compounding pharmacist’s know which combinations of medications will work best together to speed your pet’s healing. Whether the animal being treated is a pet, a zoo animal, horse, parrot, reptile, or exotic animal, we will work with the veterinarian, owner and animal patient to find the most appropriate solution to meet your animal’s specific needs. Contact us today to inquire how we can offer you the best treatment for your animal friends.